596AU: Women of the Arts 1

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On Tuesday, February 21, 2012 I hosted the first “Women of the Arts” gathering at 596! Artists Marthalicia Matarrita, Giannina Gutierrez, Gigi Bio, Crystal Clarity and Alice Mizrachi all came together to eat, drink, build, and most importantly share their experiences, happenings and upcoming projects and travels.

I felt it was long over-due for all of these women whom I truly respect, admire and look up to(and some others who could not make it) to meet and support one another. I didn’t know what to expect but once we all sat down it was clear, this night was necessary for everyone. The conversation spanned from struggles, successes, business, non-profit programs, residencies, love for brie, projects, grants, productions, aspirations, to motherhood. At the end, a big sigh of relief and empowerment filled the room.

The next “Women of the Arts” night will be held in May. Stay tuned to meet new women and maybe see some returning.

For more info on the women, please click on the links below (it’s definitely worth the click):

Alice Mizrachi: http://www.am-files.com/

Giannina Gutierrez: https://www.facebook.com/people/Giannina-Gutierrez/1313928537

Marthalicia Matarrita: http://marthaliciaart.blogspot.com/

Crystal Clarity: http://artthirsty.com

Gigi Bio: http://gigibio.com

AND! For more 596artistunion photos please visit:





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