Faces Ink Presents: Five Raw w/ our own Laurie Markiewicz

Better late than never!

On August 9th, five dynamic women (Danielle Mastrion, Lexi Bella, Miranda Maxwell, Marthalicia Matarrita, and Laurie Markiewicz) displayed their talented at the Gallery Bar in the Lower East Side. The opening was packed! 596artistunion’s own Laurie Markiewicz is showing four pieces. All of the work is for sale and can still be seen! 

Raw 5

Presented by Faces Ink at Gallery Bar

New Work by Lexi Bella, Danielle Mastrion, Miranda Maxwell

Marthalicia Matarrita, & Laurie Markiewicz

Aug 9 – 20 2012

OPENING Aug 9, 7-10pm

Faces Ink & Gallery Bar are proud to present Raw 5 an exhibition featuring new studio work of the most important women artists on the live art and street art scene in downtown NY today.

Comprised of four painters and 1 photographer, this group of women have built reputations as the movers and hustlers in the street/live art scene in NYC right now. Over the past few years they collectively and respectively have racked up quite a resume including: (Martha, Danielle, and Lexi) producing and participating in the Artists Process at legendary 5 Pointz, to (Laurie) creating 596 Union Collective in Harlem, (Lexi and Danielle) teaching at the Lower East Side Girls club, (Danielle and Lexi) creating murals for the Centre-Fuge Public Art Project, to (Miranda, Danielle, and Lexi) working, winning, and traveling around the world with ArtBattles, (Miranda) DJing at the choicest events and parties in LA and NYC, as well as dozens of live art events between them all.

This show features all brand new work from the studios of these artists and is a chance to see the power of their creativity in a gallery setting instead of a dark nightclub on Bleecker or perhaps confronted by some of their work turning a corner on 1st St and 1st Ave, the usual venues for sighting their work. This is all work of women by women exploring the way they see themselves and other women whether icons, their friends, or their own personal mythologies.

The Artists:

Lexi Bella is a fine artist living and creating in New York City’s Lower East Side.  She has been painting and creating art for over 25 years and completed her MFA from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia. Lexi Bella works in paint, collage, and installation. Jumping into her world is like jumping into a vat of raspberry lip-gloss. Through her paintings, collages, and installations she explores the modern day love/hate relationship with beauty and pop culture, models and monsters, sex, desire, disgust, and the body. Her faces confront, seduce, and unnerve creating an immediate reaction and relationship with the viewer. She is a modern feminist, sexist, and artist.

Lexi Bella has shown work, completed murals, and curated shows in NYC, LA, and Philadelphia. This past month she was part of a mural project called “The Artist’s Process” in the well know “living graffiti museum” 5 Pointz in Long Island City as well painting for the second time at the Brooklyn Museum of Art. Lexi Bella has made a name for herself with the organization ArtBattles. She has won Battles at the Brooklyn Museum of Art in 2010 and Verbier, Switzerland in 2011. Lexi has gone on to work with ArtBattles and produce ArtBattles herself, helping to further other artists’ opportunities and careers.

Check her out at LexiBellaArt.com


Danielle Mastrion is an NYC-based Artist and “Jill-of-all-trades” – a painter, muralist, graphic designer & sometimes photographer. Born & raised in Brooklyn, New York, Danielle gained a B.F.A in Illustration at Parsons School of Design. Her specialty is portraiture, and she works regularly on public and private commissions.

Though she’s been painting her entire life, four years ago Danielle began painting live at events & venues around NYC. She paints weekly at Diva Lounge’s “Collage Party” every Tuesday night in SoHo. She is the featured artist at the famous music venue The Knitting Factory in Brooklyn. In May, Danielle was one of 6 Artists selected as part of the Center-Fuge Public Art project and completed a 12 foot tribute mural to the Beastie Boys on East 1st Street & 1st Avenue. The all-brush painted mural was featured in theNewYorkTimes.com , as well as in RollingStone.com.

Recently, Danielle was the NYC winner of The Art Battle’s “Battle For Poland” on January 27th, and travelled to Warsaw, Poland to represent the US & paint live. While there, she travelled to Berlin, Germany and was allowed to paint a mural next to the Berlin Wall’s East Side Gallery. Danielle just completed a 14 foot tribute mural to the late MCA of the Beastie Boys at the historic 5POINTZ Aerosol Arts Center & Graffiti Museum in Long Island City Queens using mostly her new medium of choice, spray paint. She also just completed another huge mural project, The Artist Process Part 2, also at 5POINTZ. She is also one of the artist in the currently running Ladies First: An International All-Female Graffiti Show. In the Fall, Danielle will be traveling to Paris with Art Battles to again represent the US in 10 days worth of Battles.

Danielle currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York, and is obsessed with the following: Hip Hop, Grunge, the 90’s, zombies, tattoos, whiskey, pirates, the beach, Kurt Cobain, and the Notorious B.I.G – not in that order.

Check her out at daniellemastrion.com


Marthalicia Matarrita

A New York City native and resident, Costa Rican and Dominican artist Marthalicia Matarrita has flourished by combining her influence of both street art and fine art.

Since in the early age of 4 years old, Marthalicia did art at home with her family, especially her to brothers Tomas Miguel Manon and Jorge Matarrita. Her brothers shared art with lessons in an urban setting by sharing “black books” graffiti art journals as well as comic books. Encouraged by faith to peruse the art form,Marthalicia entered La Guardia High School of Performance and the Arts, New York City  in 1994. Upon graduating high school in 1998 spring semester, Marthalicia was discouraged to entering college because of the many obstacles such as; living in a shelter, mother with poor mental health, and a disconnected family function. This lead her in a path of an enlisted soldier of  the Army National Guard to help her enrolled into S.U.N.Y. New Paltz for a B.A in Fine Arts.

In 2005 she gave birth to her son while still in the service and building art resume to further in her new art journey Live Art Performance.

Today, Marthalicia has broaden her art experiences to many difference avenues in art venues, and opportunities where she builds with her community and others.

 “…  Her passion is sparked and sustained by the fundamentals of hip-hopand live painting. However, the depth of her work in texture, mood and content reveals much more. With a family background that includes infinite love and  loyalty peppered with alcoholism, homelessness, schizophrenia, limited funds and shelter living, Marthalicia has reached a point in her life where her spirit is grounded in hope, discovery, community, and her siblings….” 

cultureserve.net Blog , 2009 , Diana Mcclure

Check her out at: CombatArtBoots.com


Miranda Maxwell: Known for her multiple artist pursuits, Miranda Maxwell (also known as Dj Mirandom) has been a active face in the NYC art scene painting and dj’ing. Miranda always showed a strong interest in the arts and was lucky to go to RISD art camp every summer as a child. She also holds a B.F.A in Photography from Syracuse University.

Ms. Maxwell has been living and working as a Dj and freelance artist in NYC and Los Angeles for the the last ten years. She has shown work in numerous group exhibitions, and has had four solo painting exhibitions to date. In 2008 Miranda had her first solo painting exhibit, “Welcome to Mirandom” in NYC. Almost all of her 30 paintings sold and the following year her solo exhibit “Lyrics for Show” was equally successful. In 2011 Miranda had her first solo painting show in Los Angeles called “Bella Kicks”.

She boldly uses color, text and music to narrate her involvement in urban life, and lists Prince, Toulouse Lautrec, Parra, Swoon, and Cartier Bresson to be her favorite artists.

To view more please go to:




LAURIE MARKIEWICZ resides in New York City with her son Jack. She is a freelance photographer, educator and event planner. Laurie has been involved in the underground hardcore/hip-hop/skate circuits for more than half of her life. Laurie packs an impressive list of credentials with extensive and nuanced work in youth development, ranging from her experience from preschool to youth in the juvenile detention centers in New York. Laurie’s main vision and driving passion is towards bringing women to the forefront of media through the performing and visual arts, as well as fundraising for different community initiatives. She has produced creditable events such as Across The Board: Artists For Autism Awareness & Ladies Love The Breaks, fundraising events for children with Autism, Ladies Love Dilla, and recently photographed the legendary Pete Rock. In April 2012, Laurie traveled and showed work in Japan for the Suns Of Silence art exhibition. Laurie’s identifiable photographic signature of black and white is notable for her range of images; whether her subject be landscapes, portraits or random everyday city life occurrences.



Photo by Gianna Leo Falcon giannaleofalcon.prosite.com


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