596AU brings “The Door Project” to Momma’s Hip Hop Kitchen

596artistunion’s Laurie Markiewicz presents “The Door Project” at The 6th Annual Momma’s Hip Hop Kitchen at the Hostos Community College Auditorium Hall in the Bronx on Saturday, March 2, 2013.

“The Door Project” consists of 7 artists: Alice Mizrachi, Danielle Mastrion, Gigi Bio, Indie184, Marthalicia Matarrita, Queen Andrea, and myself. On 30″x80″ wooden doors, each artist expresses artistically what their door represents to them.
To better explain the basis of the project, Laurie sent this in the introduction email to the participating artists:
“There are so many different sayings and metaphors when we think of “doors”. In my opinion, doors are gateways to new places, experiences, and/or making a life change either by force or necessity. It represents power. As individuals, we have the power to open, close, walk in and walk out of them. Doors sometimes possess so much power we almost want to avoid them all together. I feel for myself, 2013 is the year of opening new doors and having the courage to walk through them readily prepared for whatever may be on the other side.” 

Laurie will be adding 6-7 more artists over the next couple of weeks and will present the whole collection of doors this summer (location/date tab). Please stay tuned for more and please please please check out the wonderful event site and ALL of the artists involved!

Momma’s Hip Hop Kitchen: http://www.mhhk.org

Alice Mizrachi: www.am-files.com

Danielle Mastrion: www.daniellemastrion.com

Gigi Bio: gigibio.com

Indie184: www.indie184.com

Laurie Markiewicz: ladybirdlaurie.com

Marthalicia Matarrita: marthalicia.blogspot.com

Queen Andrea: superfreshdesigns.com

Big thanks to all of those who came and showed their support and to those who posted the art on their social media pages!

(especially www.lacunamatada.com )

See you this summer!


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