Choppin’ It Up: Miranda Maxwell

*Photos and words by Laurie Markiewicz*

(Monday, August 25, 2o14) – It’s been quite a summer for triple threat Miranda Maxwell. She launched a new website, line of apparel including custom crocheted tops, deejayed at her residency Von (among other venues), and held a successful solo show bringing all her work together this past July 20th. Miranda is reminicsent of the cool girl in high school who was friendly with everyone and always down to chill. Between her drawing hip hop legends for her Von fliers, painting, sewing, and spinning she was able to chop it up with 596.

Name: Miranda Maxwell

Craft(s): Artist, Dj, Designer

Location: NYC

Inspiration: Music, Color, People, Typography, City, etc.. It’s hard to name only a few things. Life brings constant inspiration.

Working Environment: Wherever I feel comfortable to create

Working Process: Different work calls for different processes. The one thing that is always constant is having a clean, inspiring space to start in. Typically I like to turn up some music, turn down my cell phone and get all possible tools ready and organized.

Motivation: My constant drive to always do better.

Reading: I go in reading spurts. I finished “The Undisputed Truth” a book about Mike Tyson last month (I find him fascinating) and just started “The Silver Star” by Jeannette Walls.

Listening to: When I am in a happy, creative place music is constantly on. Newer artists I have been listening to at home are Little Dragon, Banks, FKA Twigs. There are some great production happening with minimalist female vocals lately. I also often fall back on my all time favorites like Prince. As I fill out this questionnaire I am listening to Madlib.

Favorite object: A massive Lobster claw my dad had painted for me when i was 2years old. It has an old tattoo style ship at sea on it. My dad was a lobster fisherman when I was young, and my first job was working as a bander on lobster boats.

What album best describes you:  I related to Mary J Blige “My Life” so much when it came out. I still get goosebumps when I listen to it. Wanting to be immersed by love then and now.
For more Miranda Maxwell:
IG: miranda_maxwell
Twitter: @djmirandom
Much love Miranda!
Laurie & Blust

(flier photo by Michelle Layne Lawson)


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