Choppin’ It Up: Big Tara


(All Photos and intro by Laurie Markiewicz)

(Monday, September 8, 2014) – What encompasses Big Tara? Other than her larger than life smile which added the “Big” to her name, this New York City native has her hand in many honey pots. If she’s not practicing and spreading the word of Buddha, she’s teaching pole dancing, urban warrior, breaking, house, and Pilates classes all over the city. Originally I knew Tara from the all female hip hop power crew The Anomalies. I randomly started shooting her in the Crunch fitness studios while she was on her breaks or in between classes she taught in 2010. During our sessions I’m always in awe of her physical and mental flexibility. Always down to strike a pose or climb rusty bridges for me, I am pleased to share some of those shots and more from Tara.

Name: Big Tara

Craft(s): B-girl, mc, dance, and holistic fitness.

Location: Lower East Side, NYC

Inspiration: Life, Buddhas, Soul.

Working Environment: The studio, the city, in my head.

Working Process: Meditation, introversion, brainstorming, trial and error, repetition, deadlines.

Motivation: Self-expression, revolutionizing the world, building a positive legacy, positive peer pressure.

Reading: Waking the Buddha by Clark Strand.

Listening: Robert Glasper, Disclosure, Dilla, Prince, Sharon Jones, Herbie Hancock, Hiatus Kaiyote.

Favorite object: My bike.

What album best describes you? The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill

Crews: The Anomalies, Mawu, HeartBreakerz

Interview and house footage with Big Tara and Linda LaNaija  (MAWU) an interview by Openends Productions & Global Nomads Productions

***For more follow Tara on Instagram @BIGTARA and for classes and sessions contact her at***


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