Choppin’ It Up: Gigi Bio

(Studio visit photos and intro by Laurie Markiewicz)

In preparations for her 5th year at the G40 Art Summit in Washington, D.C. this weekend, “photo architect” Gigi Bio is taking how we see the average street corner, building, signs, and city landmarks to the next  level. Best known for her photo juxtaposition series “The Character Studies” and “The Urban Reconstructionist”, Gigi uses between 50-300 different images of one space to create each piece. Originally printing each image and building her pieces by hand, she now digitally maps her images and designs her pieces digitally. For G40’s  “Transformation” theme this year Gigi used her love for popular New York City landmarks in the process of being demolished as inspiration to build a giant 3D photo juxtaposition. Landmarks include Domino Sugar Factory, 5Pointz, and Pearl Paint. We stopped through her home studio to watch her process and hear what inspires her while she works.

What is your full name OR “aka”? and from where do you hail?
Geraldine Paulin Bio = Gigi Bio. Made in the Philippines, born in Cali, raised on the East Coast, currently in Brooklyn, NY.

Craft: Art, PhotoArchitect & Fashion + Surface Design

Describe your initial revelation for becoming an artist.
I was born an Artist… No doubt about it. Art is my Truth.

What is it that keeps you motivated? Your inspiration
My Heart. Everything & Anything.

What connection are you trying to establish between you and your viewer through your work?
Pure Raw Emotion: I create to make sense out of my own life, showing the beauty of imperfections & reality in a emotional state of flow… to remind people of their humanity & open their perspective on life.

Does music play a part in your art making? What are you listening to at this moment?
No, I choose to listen to the world instead… the sound of silence, people & cars driving by is like music to me. When I am in production mode, I listen to anything with a funky, chill, jazz-like vibe.
Right now I’m listening to Flying Lotus.

Working Environment: Organized Chaos. 

Motivation: Love.

Describe your ritual before making work.
Being silent, getting lost & letting my intuition guide me.

What do you think is the role the artist plays in society?
To create: Impact. Truth. Awakening.

Reading: Way of the Ancient Healer – Sacred Teachings from the Philippine Ancestral Traditions by Virgil Mayor Apostol.

Things are constantly changing all around us, what specifically in the environment in which you grew up in, do you wish hasn’t changed?
The Vibe.

Most Inspired Person: Anyone with passion, strength & awareness.

What album(s) best describes you? Blowout Comb – Digable Planets

Last words…….
Keep your eye on the prize: Yourself.

Follow Gigi Bio on Instagram: 6161810 and to contact please go to

G40 Art Summit exhibition starts this weekend September 14, 2014 and runs until October 4th. Opening reception is this Saturday, September 13, 2014 from 8pm- Midnight with musical performances and complimentary beverages. Free with advance RSVP.

(Photo Gigi Bio/G40 Art Summit 2013)


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