Laurie Markiewicz

LAURIE MARKIEWICZ is a self-taught New York photographer, educator, and event producer. Mostly in black and white, her portfolio includes a variety of street, portrait, nature, and artistic photography as well as photomontage and digital collage. Her work has been exhibited in community-based galleries and spaces in NYC, at the IBC in the Netherlands, and for the “Suns Of Silence” fundraiser/exhibition in Japan. Laurie is the co-founder of 596ArtistUnion, a private art studio in northern Manhattan where she works and hosts events designed to strengthen ties among artists. Laurie’s diverse roles as an artist, educator, and producer are linked by a common passion. Whether it’s youth-development in juvenile detention centers, teaching early childhood education, promoting the visibility of female artists, or fundraising events for Autism and Lupus, Laurie’s projects reflect her commitment to community-building in the areas closest to her heart.

For any prints, work, or comments please contact:


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